MIP: Politecnico di Milano

Politecnico di Milano , one of the best scientific and technological universities in the world , has been offering management training programs for graduates, professionals, companies, institutions and public administrations for over 40 years.

Located within the Bovisa campus of the Politecnico di Milano, the school was established in 1979 as a consortium between the Politecnico di Milano and multiple Italian institutions and leading public and private industry groups. Today, MIP is a non-profit consortium limited company.

Since 2014, MIP has been recognized as a member of UniCON (International Executive Education Consortium), PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) and Cladea (Latin American Council of Schools of Management). This school is part of the Politecnico di Milano School of Management and combines academic research and university education, conducted by the Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering (Dipartimento di Management, Economia e Ingegneria Industriale – DIG) with postgraduate and postgraduate studies.

It is also significant as it’s the only business school in Europe among B-Corp certified companies, a tribute to businesses characterized by their commitment to sustainable development and building a more inclusive society. MIP professionals, who not only have the mission of providing a good education, but also aim to maximize the positive impact they have on society, demonstrate once again the importance of digital learning by applying it in all their programs today.

MIP Politecnico di Milano is ranked 35th among MBA programs in Europe. The school, whose success did not end there, is regarded as the 2nd best institution among business schools in Italy. MIP also ranked first in terms of research conducted by important Italian institutions, offering nearly 30 Master’s programs every year.

What are the Programs Offered?


The training programs offered by MIP start in September each year. These programs, which are delivered in English, are conducted in the form of classroom lectures for 9 months and 3 months as a project or internship. In addition, there are training opportunities lasting 18 months within the programs. With these programs, each of which focuses on specific areas of management, students have the opportunity to prepare for business life more effectively. Some master’s programs enable students to transfer to a variety of universities in Europe and earn the right to receive a dual degree. The training programs offered at MIP are as follows:

  • International Full Time MBA
  • International Master in Digital Transformation
  • International Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IMIE)
  • International Master in Omnichannel Marketing & Consumer Analytics (IM4)
  • International Master in Business Analytics and Big Data (BABD)
  • International Master in Big Data for Supply Chain
  • International Master in Big Data for Healthcare & Biotech
  • International Master in Digital Supply Chain Management – Operations, Procurement and Logistics
  • International Master in Digital Supply Chain Management
  • International Master in Fintech, Finance & Digital Innovation
  • International Master in E-Commerce & Sales Management (IMDCSM)
  • International Master in Financial Risk Management
  • International Master in Environmental Sustainability & Circular Economy
  • International Master in Smart Operations & Industry 4.0
  • International Master in Sustainable Industrial Management
  • International Master in Luxury Value Chain
  • International Master in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • International Master in Sustainability Management and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • International Master in Sustainable Finance
  • International Master in Media & Communication Management
  • International Master in Cybersecurity Management
  • International Master in Luxury Management
  • International Master in Luxury Innovation & Digital Transformation
  • International Master in Project Management
  • Global Executive Master in Operations and Supply Chain
  • Master in Performing Arts Management
  • Master in Energy Management
  • Executive Master in Project Management
  • Master in Global Luxury Goods and Services Management

Being the first to launch the Executive MBA program in the field of digital learning in Italy in 2014, MIP has since then started to show its commitment to innovation in every field. Among its many innovative projects is FLEXA- a continuous learning platform that uses artificial intelligence for students, graduates and professionals, and developed in partnership with Microsoft.


What are the Acceptance Criteria for MIP Education Programs?


MIP, which designs training to develop the necessary skills to meet the challenges of today’s markets, makes it possible for students to have different experiences with national and international companies with which it has established permanent and productive relationships.

This wide network also involves those studying postgraduate degrees; itt also allows enrichment with company presentations, in-house lectures, and networking events with professionals. In order to benefit from all of these education programs, students are expected to comply with certain application criteria. Although the application criteria vary in some departments among the education programs, the documents required for admission in general are as follows:

  • The student’s undergraduate or graduate diploma transcript
  • 2 reference letters
  • GMAT/GRE score that it can optionally offer
  • Motivation letter prepared in English
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) in English
  • English language certificate – IELTS 6.5 ( TOEFL / IELTS is not required from students who have received their university education in 100% English)
  • ID photo
  • A receipt showing that you have paid the application fee (£100).

In addition, the student has to go through an online interview conducted by the school’s admission department. Apart from the aforementioned items, in order to enroll in the International Master in Luxury Management program, students are required to graduate from a bachelor’s degree for at least 3 years and have at least 1 year of work experience.

Students wishing to study in the International Master in Digital Supply Chain Management – Operations, Procurement and Logistics program must have a bachelor’s degree showing that they have completed one of the fields of Management, Business, Engineering or Scientific Studies.

In addition, for the Master in Energy Management program, candidates can study Economics, Engineering or Science; For the International master’s in financial risk management, a bachelor’s degree from Engineering, Economics, Finance or science is also required.

Although a minimum of 3 years of work experience in the industry is required to enroll in the Executive master’s in project management program, this is not a requirement for the Master in Global Luxury Goods and Services Management program. However, work experience is seen as an advantage at this program admission stage.

For the International Master in Cybersecurity Management program, students are required to have a bachelor’s degree in one of the STEM disciplines.

In order to apply for the International master’s in business Analytics and Big Data program, students are expected to have completed their undergraduate education and received their diploma from one of the fields of Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, Engineering, Management or Science.

Finally, a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Economics, Finance or Science is required during registration to the International master’s in Fintech, Finance & Digital Innovation program.

What are the Scholarship Opportunities?

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Internationalization is one of the distinguishing features of MIP. Being a part of this school means connecting with a network of educational institutions, companies, visiting professors and students from all over the world. Over 70 different nationalities are represented in classrooms and offices. Of course, in addition to these advantages, MIP is a successful name that draws attention globally with the scholarship opportunities it provides.

The school provides scholarships of up to 50% to 5 successful students in their MBA applications; In addition, it provided an early application discount of 2000 Euros for applications completed before 25 February 2022. It has also been announced by the school that a scholarship of up to 4000 Euros will be provided to successful student candidates exceeding certain criteria in applications for Single Degree and Double Degree Master programs. An extra 1000 Euro early application discount is provided for applications completed before February 25, 2022.

Accreditations and Rankings

Over the years, MIP has become increasingly renowned for the excellence of its programs and consistently receives worldwide testimonials that validate this. Since being named among the best European Business Schools by the Financial Times Ranking in 2009, MIP has consistently placed at the top of the rankings conducted by QS, Bloomberg Business Week, America Economy, Expansion, Ed-Universal and CEO Magazine. In particular, MIP has ranked 6th in the world in the Executive MBA in Digital Learning 2021 QS Online MBA ranking and 8th in the world in the FT Online MBA Ranking 2021.

MIP is the first Italian educational institution to receive the EOCCS-EFMD Online Course Certification accreditation for digital learning courses. However, MBA and EMBA programs have already achieved the quality standards of excellence defined by the AMBA – MBA Association, which accredits less than 5% of business schools worldwide.

Having earned the right to receive the international AACSB certificate, which is synonymous with the highest standards of excellence in business education, in 2021 MIP had included EQUIS and AMBA certificates with this milestone. And most importantly, MIP has officially achieved three of the most prestigious accreditation “triple crowns” awarded to more than 100 business schools worldwide as of today. MIP is also accredited by ASFOR, an Italian organization that has certified the best management programs since 1971.