English, which has been accepted as the universal language for many years, has become a necessity in the field of law. As a result of modern globalization, the importance of knowing English is increasing, and besides, professional English used in daily life, rather than grammatical perfection, is a strong requirement for those who want to pursue a legal career.

Anyone aiming to have a foreign client portfolio, to pursue a career in legal departments of foreign companies, or to become a legal translator, needs to improve their professional English level. For the purpose of evaluating an applicant’s English, the most validated proficiency exam applied today is the TOLES exam, which stands for “Test of Legal English Skills”.

This exam allows those who are educated in the field of law to determine their English level; lawyers, trainee lawyers, law school students and law translators can be required to sit the exam. Accepted as the world’s leading exam for candidates who want to prove their knowledge in this field, TOLES is one of the distinguishing factors that many companies attach importance to in the employment process internationally.

TOLES is the first international legal English exam and it’s prepared at the standards to meet the needs of global law firms, institutions and organizations that have departments in this field. TOLES is the most practical, relevant and accurate exam for the field of law.

How to Apply for TOLES Exam?

Levant Education Group / Study British is the official testing centre for the TOLES exam. It can also be entered by applying to designated official exam centres. TOLES consists of 3 different levels; You have the chance to participate in different stages depending on your English level and professional experience.

In order to register, candidates must specify the date they want to take the exam, and then complete their registration with the exam fee and identity information. To prepare for the exam, there are also course options suitable for the curriculum for the candidates. These courses, which are prepared in face-to-face or online training formats, help the participants both to determine their current level and to fill any gaps in English proficiency before the application.

Candidates who want to attend TOLES exam preparation courses do not have to take the placement exam if the TOEFL, PTE (Academic) or IELTS scores they have taken in the last 2 years are sufficient.

Candidates attending pre-application courses can work on different case examples and have the chance to put their legal English knowledge into practice with assignments and projects. During the course, they can improve their English knowledge in various areas such as negotiation techniques, corporate law, banking law, and commercial law.

Exam Application Dates

*24 March 2022

*26 May 2022

*30 June 2022

*25 August 2022

*24 November 2022

TOLES Exam Fees 2022

TOLES exam fees vary according to the exam levels of the participants. According to this:

The Basic Exam fee is £120,

The High-Level exam fee is £135

The Advanced Level exam fee is also set at £160.


TOLES Exam Types

There is no speaking section in the TOLES exam, which has 3 different levels in total. Instead, the aim of all three levels is especially to test the existence of a strong and effective knowledge of English that will assess well-prepared written contracts and presentation of legal statements in a free context. Since it is an exam for legal experts, TOLES does not include subject-independent level determination elements and does not contain details other than legal English.

With these features, it is accepted as a tool to measure the knowledge of legal terms by many reputable international law firms. Participants are evaluated for 500 points in total and graded according to the points they get. The content of this prestigious exam is also prepared with the advice and contributions of leading law firms.

Basic Level

The first level, which is called the TOLES Foundation Exam, is the first step between the TOLES exams. This exam is ideal for law school students and recent graduates who want to improve their legal knowledge in English.

It’s the most valid way to get the qualification certificate that will be needed just before starting business life or a legal internship. The first level (basic) exam consists of two stages- a reading section and a writing section (covering intellectual property rights, commercial agreements, company documents and financial agreements).

This level, based on legal terms frequently used in business life, takes 90 minutes. The maximum score that can be obtained in this exam, suitable for those who have English knowledge at the Elementary-Advanced level, is 100.

Higher Level

The second exam, called the TOLES Higher Exam, is a test aimed at determining high-level proficiency. At this level, the participants’ legal writing techniques, especially their knowledge of legal English terms to be used in complex events, and their ability to write in English within legal documents are measured. Examples of complex documents and scenarios are also given.

This level lasts 135 minutes and includes legal reading and writing for 90 minutes and a listening test for 30-45 minutes. The listening section of this exam, which is suitable for those with an Intermediate-Advanced level of English, includes discussions among lawyers, conversations with their clients, and questions asked by their clients. The maximum score that can be obtained at this level, which includes sections from real business life, is again 100.

Advanced Level

The third level, which is the golden step of legal English knowledge, is administered as the TOLES Advanced Exam and aims to determine advanced proficiency. This exam also tests how effectively the candidates can use their reading and writing skills.

TOLES is prepared to prove the existence of sufficient legal English knowledge even in the most difficult situations and has been specially developed for law firms in London to measure their legal English language skills in the recruitment of international interns or partners. The maximum score that can be obtained in the 120-minute exam is 500.

During the exam, which focuses on legal reading, writing, drafting and knowledge of commercial terms, selected examples from real business life are also used. This exam level is suitable for those with Upper Intermediate-Advanced level of English, and compares the skills of the participants with the lawyers who are native speakers of English.

How Does TOLES Exam Increase Candidates’ Chances of Finding a Job?


TOLES is known by internationally branded law firms to be an exam that provides a comprehensive assessment and undoubtedly evaluates proficiency. For this reason, it is quite natural for a person with a TOLES certificate to be preferred in job interviews. A TOLES certificate provides positive feedback not only during the employment process but also during periods of job promotions.

TOLES certificates are indispensable with their lifetime validity. The certificates of experienced lawyers, which have become professional secrets, also make it possible for English protocols to be prepared by real legal people who are well-versed in the terminology, without the need for sworn translators. With these documents, people become able to use English in legal terms and concepts without the need for anyone else, and experience both material and moral satisfaction.