“Why learn Italian?” and “why should you study and live in Italy” are some of the questions we have been asked recently. There are several answers to these questions. Italy promises great opportunities to people who immigrated to the country for many different reasons. Italy is one of the most preferred countries in Europe in terms of both academic and job opportunities in many fields such as art, architecture and gastronomy. Also, learning Italian in this country will be much more effective than studying at home or in a course in your home country.

Neden İtalyanca öğrenmelisiniz - İtalya'da meşhur şeyler

People with foreign language skills are in high demand by employers these days. Knowing Italian will allow you to easily find a job not only for translator or interpreter positions, but also in the field you are studying. Being able to speak a second (or even third) language will make you more preferable to employers, and many companies offer higher salaries to employees who speak an extra language.

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Culture and Language of Italians

Italy is a country with the greatest cultural heritage in the world. With its history, natural beauties, architecture, city life, friendliness of its people and delicious cuisine, Italy promises a quality life. The country, which has a very large place in the UNESCO World Heritage List, has many touristic places that you can visit during the time you spend to learn Italian. Italian is the language used by the majority of the Italian population, but there are also minorities of German, French, Slovenian and Latin speakers.

knowing Italian is a great way to understand the traditions of Italy, meet new people and discover the culture in Italy in the most original and fascinating way possible.

In international communication offices many students can speak English fluently, but English is not widely used in Italy, especially among older people. If you move away from the central areas of Italy, you may not be able to communicate with everyone. Therefore, the question of why you should learn Italian becomes more meaningful when you want to get away from the central areas of Italy and communicate with people. Having a good command of Italian will allow you to communicate comfortably.

Italians and Their Cultures | Why Should You Learn Italian?

  • One of the first things you will notice when you arrive in Italy is that its culture is as good as its food.
  • The family is the center of the social structure and has a stable influence for family members. Food, as you can probably imagine, is a tool for maintaining bonds between family and friends.
  • Italian greetings are usually a handshake with direct eye contact, but are quite formal. But as the relationship develops, air kisses on the cheeks also become a form of greeting for Italians.
  • Italians have very expressive communicators and can often use facial and hand gestures to reflect their state of being anxious, expressive and ostentatious to make their purpose more understandable. Don’t be surprised if your conversation is interrupted by several people speaking at the same time. In fact, in this respect, they are a typical Mediterranean country.

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7 Reasons to Learn Italian | Why Should You Learn Italian?

Italian is an ancient language spoken by 67 million people in the world. This increasingly popular language which people are learning in order to study in italy. It is to be learned with great effort by students who want to. We tried to explain the question Why you should learn Italian, which has many answers, in 6 reasons.

1- Capital of Art: Italy

According to a UNESCO report, Italy houses more than 60% of the known European treasures within its borders. Because of this richness, the Italian language is a masterpiece for study and research in the fields of art history, literature, archeology and philosophy. Moreover, you can take a look at our page “Living as a Student in Italy”.

2- The Common Language of Musicians and Music Lovers

Learning Italian can open the fascinating door to deep-rooted Italian music! The fact that Italian is so deep-rooted and has a long history has led to the existence of many works composed in this language. Why did the German Mozart compose so many of his masterpieces in Italian instead of German? In addition to a master like Pavarotti who sang nine C’s at high pitch, famous artists such as Bocelli and Tziano Ferro, who left their mark on the 2000s, produced many works in the Italian language. In other words, if you want to swallow the dust of musicianship, you must come to Italy. Knowing Italian allows you to better understand and enjoy classical music. Musicians and opera singers see this as an important professional skill.

3- Education | Why Should You Learn Italian?

The oldest university in the Western World, University of Bologna, truly started from the time of its founding in 1088. Thanks to the education it provides in Italy and opportunities it offers, it has opened its doors to many students in recent years. It welcomes students from almost every field, especially with the departments it has recently opened in English.

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4- Business World | Why Should You Learn Italian?

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Thanks to its strong brands, Italy is a country that has commercial relations almost all over the world. Therefore, the Italian language is a very important language for the business world. In addition to domestic brands such as Benetton, Barilla, Ferrari, Armani, Lavazza and Manfrotto, there are many companies that provide services with foreign capital in the country. This makes a significant contribution to Italy’s being one of the strongest economies in the world. Learning Italian helps you find a place for yourself in the sectors of this economy.

5- The House of Fashion and Design

Italy and especially Milan are seen as the center of the world when it comes to fashion and design. Italian allows you to study the original work of famous Italian designers such as Versace, Gucci, Armani, Benetton, Prada, Pucci, Macron, Dolce Gabbana and Fendi and find a job in one of the world-famous Italian fashion houses.

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6- History, Cultural Richness

İtalyan tarihi ve kültürü

Learning Italian can offer you an almost endless amount of historical knowledge! Italian culture and history goes back a long way. The Roman Empire, the country where the language was born, ruled over a large piece of land for many years. For this reason, there are many ancient works, agreements, government correspondence or similar historical documents written in Italian. Learning Italian can allow you to read all these documents in their original language, which are preserved in state archives and museums.

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7- An Easy Language to Learn

Italian is a language of Latin origin. It is quite similar to the more common, famous, and important Spanish, Portuguese, and French. In addition to being one of the languages ​​closest to Latin, it is very simple and easy to learn. Italian is very related to the language of the Romans, and about 30% of English words are of Latin origin. In addition, the grammar of Italian is very close to the grammar of English. If you know a little English, it can be easier to learn Italian. In fact, if you have a good foundation in English, it’s not very difficult to be fluent without having to spend years working and practicing carefully and regularly. This will be a great opportunity for your future education and ideas.

Why should you learn Italian?

We have come to the end of our article. Learning Italian at Language schools in Italy or through our Italian course will be a very good start for students. It helps you to both understand Italian culture and have the chance to live in this country.

You can take advantage of Pava Education’s consulting service. We support you in determining the schools you can apply to learn Italian in Italy and in every process during the application process. You can fill out the application form now to taste its flavours and open the doors of wide job opportunities. Our expert consultants will contact you as soon as possible.