Students and their families, who want to get a university education in Italy, wait for a long process, from the application until they start their education in Italy. Every year, around 80.000 international students choose Italy for university education abroad. And this number is increasing year by year. There are many questions in many parents’ and students’ minds about receiving Italy education consultancy service in this long and tiring process.

In this article, after briefly examining why and how to get University Education in Italy, we will explain why you need Italian education consultancy and our services.

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Why Should You Study University in Italy?

  • The first of the most critical factors that make Italy desirable is that it offers quality education in Europe with very attractive opportunities.
  • Italy is the 3rd European country with the most universities in the top 500.
  • It has almost 1,000 years of university tradition. In fact, Italy is the country where the word “university” was born. (With the establishment of the University of Bologna in 1088)
  • Italy is the birthplace of many sciences and arts.
  • It is a complete education country with low tuition fees and well-established university education.
  • International student mobility is high and provides a great study abroad experience for students.
  • In addition to low tuition fees, there is also the opportunity to receive scholarships.

Many factors, such as the factors we have mentioned, make university education in Italy very attractive.

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Study University in Italy


Requirements to Study in Italy

You have determined your choice of country for university education abroad as Italy because it is attractive in many ways. The next stage is to learn the programs you can study in Italy and the requirements for this.

In Italy, departments such as Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Dentistry, and Pharmacy accept students with an exam; Departments such as Psychology, Business Economics, Gastronomy, Fashion Design, and International Relations accept students without examination but taking into account various criteria (student’s language level, high school grades, internationally valid exam scores, portfolio, etc.).

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Why Need an Education Consultancy?

Italy has been hosting a significant number of international students in recent years. Low tuition fees, easier requirements for university admissions compared to many countries, the well-established quality of education, and the fact that it has proven itself in the world are just a few of the reasons for this attraction.

Why do you need a foreign education consultancy for studying in Italy?

First of all, it is essential to determine the student’s situation and make the right choice. In the next process, for the programs that accept students with an exam, the significant point is to determine subjects that students may lack knowledge of and to prepare a work plan in this direction. If it is necessary, getting a professional course is a supportive option. Then, choosing a school comes next. After the exam and application, the process is the follow-up of the results and the visa and equivalence certificate procedure that must be followed in case of admission.

Several companies offer training consultancy services in Italy. In choosing the right company, you can consider factors such as education and life experience in Italy and providing services in Italy for the challenging Italian bureaucracy. Do not hesitate to contact us Studying in Italy team meets all these criteria. 

Let us examine step by step the long process of education in Italy.

Pre-Italy Process | Italy Education Consultancy

As mentioned above, special exams are held for some programs. The increase in the number of applications is naturally reflected in the competition. Students who start to prepare early feel more ready for the exams, and students can evaluate different alternatives.

Pre-Interview | Italy Education Consultancy

First of all, we learn about our student’s academic background, the program they want to study in, the city, and the school in the meeting we hold at our office, and we create the most appropriate and particular road map.

Choice of University and City

In the second stage, the preference for university and city comes. The choice of city and university is equally important for students who will receive a university education in Italy. With our Italy education consultancy team that has education and life experience in Italy, we share the most accurate information with our students and choose the school according to their demands and suitability.

Education in Italy


Preparation for Exams

Exams such as IMAT, TIL, and TOLC are not simple exams, and competition rises every year. At the point of preparation for these exams, we prepare our students best with special preparation resource books, pilot exams, and preparation courses.

Equivalence Certificate and Bureaucratic Procedures

Before leaving your country and going to Italy, many bureaucratic processes such as applying to the exam and consular affairs will tire and bore you. Therefore, you will not want to waste your time with these complicated procedures, and you will leave the process to the experts. We carry out these processes on behalf of our students and complete them in the fastest and most effective way.

Process Before Receiving Admission and Starting Education in Italy

You have passed the exams or various stages you have to pass to get a university education in Italy; You have finished all necessary consular procedures, and you feel ready for a great educational experience in Italy. However, what you need to do is not limited to this. It is appropriate to say that the actual process is just beginning.

You may have been to Italy before for sightseeing. However, going to live for a long time is a different matter, and there are some procedures you should follow when you arrive in Italy. On the other hand, the Italian bureaucracy can become a painful process for students as it is known in Europe and our country. When families and students want to take care of their procedures without getting support, they may encounter many problems. Depending on the city you will go to and the institution where you will carry out your procedure, you may sometimes have difficulty finding an English-speaking employee. And some procedures need to be done within a certain period of time. In addition, the needs such as transportation, accommodation, and communication that you will need in your education life and some processes need to be taken care of as soon as possible.

Welcoming in Italy

Our team welcomes our students at the airport or train station in Italy and provides information about the city.

Accommodation in Italy

One of the most requested services at the point of Italy education consultancy is accommodation. At the accommodation point, you have the opportunity to get support from our local team on essential issues that need Italian and city-related location information, such as home and dormitory.

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Family Income Statement Documents

It is an essential step for determining school fees. We aim to save our students from a great expense by offering Italy education consultancy in this regard.

University education in Italy is not entirely free! Tuition fees are determined according to the family income. You pay a low tuition fee. Do not rely on those who promise you a completely free education in Italy!

Application Procedures for Scholarship

We guide our students on how to apply for scholarships. A great majority of the students we apply for their scholarship gain the right for it. Application procedures for the scholarship, which are a very delicate process, are carried out in a coordinated effort between our Istanbul and Italy teams.

There is a certain period for applications to benefit from these and other opportunities. Unfortunately, if you spend this time, you do not have the chance to benefit from the many opportunities that Italy promises to international students. Thus, getting professional support in Italy is very important for you to focus only on the exam or your options before your education in Italy and complete all the procedures as soon as possible in the following process and make an excellent start to your education.

The scholarships you will receive in Italy may not be enough to cover all living expenses. Also, there are specific criteria for the scholarships to be received and continued in the following years.

Scholarship in Italy

Italy Residence Permit and Opening a Bank Account

When you come to Italy, you will open the most suitable bank account for you with our team.

For the residence permit, it is ensured that you quickly handle all your procedures with our team.

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Base Points in Italian Universities

There are different formats for university education in Italy. While standard exams are organised for some programs, universities organise their exams for some programs. In addition, it is possible to get a university education without an exam. Since there is no central examination system in Italy, there is no application, such as a base score. If you want to study in Italy, click here for detailed information.

Italy Education Consultancy Firms

We are proud of our team and our experience as we are among the leading companies among university education consultancy firms in Italy.

You can also contact us to learn from a specialist in Italy and benefit from the professional consultancy services we offer.