Each year, more and more students are choosing to travel outside their home country for educational opportunities. Studying nursing in Italy means that aside from witnessing the country’s rich culture and history, you have a selection of excellent universities offering a high level of education. Judging by the salaries of nurses globally – if you plan to work as a nurse – Italy is one of the best countries to do so.

With an average annual salary of $60,000, Italy is among the top ten highest paying countries for nurses. There are some requirements for students who want to practice nursing in Italy. Although these vary according to the degree programs and university entrance criteria, there are some conditions for the hospital where the student wants to work.

Studying Nursing in Italy – Application Requirements

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With the nurse shortage in Italy recently, students who go to study nursing in Italy can study in English and Italian languages.

  • Italian Board of Nursing requires nurses to take a language proficiency test and be sponsored by an Italian hospital in order to obtain their nursing license. When this happens, a visa must be obtained through the Italian Embassy to work in Italy.
  • Although it differs according to the university, a language certificate is required in some universities and departments. Having a B2 level language knowledge and certificate for English and Italian departments will be an important advantage for students.

You can study an “Italian Course” before application. With the language knowledge you will learn at the entry level, you can enter a comfortable life in Italy. Candidates who want to study nursing in Italy have many university options, including a 3-year undergraduate education, 2-year graduate education and doctorate.

Universities Offering Nursing Education in Italy

Studying nursing in Italy is possible in both Italian and English. Universities offering undergraduate and graduate education are:

Studying Nursing in Italy – Bachelor Programs

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Studying Nursing in Italy – Masters Programs

  • University of Bologna (English)
  • Sapienza University of Rome (in Italian)
  • University of Firenze (in Italian)
  • University of Genova (in Italian)
  • University of Milan (Italian)
  • University of Milan-Bicocca (in Italian)
  • University of Modena (in Italian)
  • University of Padova (in Italian)
  • University of Rome Tor Vergata (in Italian)
  • University of Pisa (in Italian)
  • University of Pavia (in Italian)
  • University of Verona (in Italian)
  • Luigi Vanvitelli University of Naples (in Italian)
  • University of Messina (Private, Italian)

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Studying Nursing at Sapienza University of Rome

Italy, with its outstanding academic framework, is one of the countries where students from all over the world travel to study and attract attention. Studying nursing at the Sapienza University of Rome in Italy is also one of the preferred options for students. Sapienza University of Rome is one of only two schools in Italy where you can study to study nursing . Located in the city of Rome, the university is the largest university in Europe as well as the oldest university in Rome. Every year, many students apply to study nursing at the Sapienza University of Rome, which is a well-established university.

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What is the Application Procedure and Process?

Entry to the nursing department at La Sapienza University of Rome is possible with an exam. This exam, which is held once a year, is held on the date determined by the university. Apart from this, there are procedures to be done for pre-application and equivalency. These transactions can be made on the dates determined by the Italian Ministry. To meet the equivalence requirements, students must have completed 12 years of education by completing secondary education. Recommended: ” University Education System in Italy

About the Department of Nursing

Nursing education at the Sapienza University of Rome lasts 3 years. Students who wish can enrol in 2-year graduate education after 3-year undergraduate education. Two semesters are included in an academic year. The first is between October and February; the second semester starts in March and ends in July. In the first year of nursing, basic courses and basic health sciences courses are emphasized. After the second year, students begin to receive clinical training. In clinical and laboratory environments, they can have the chance to develop their practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge.

Advantages of Studying Nursing at Sapienza University of Rome

  • La Sapienza University of Rome is located in Rome, one of the most beautiful and developed cities in Italy. In addition to quality education, students will open a different dimension to their lives with impressive city life.
  • As in most regions of Italy, there are touristic places with many historical and natural beauties in Rome. If studying nursing in Italy takes place in Rome; students have the chance to visit and see these places as they please.
  • In addition, Italian cuisine contains very attractive tastes. Italy, where there are many dishes similar to Turkish cuisine, is a country where there are various dishes suitable for the tastes of foreign students studying in the country.
  • Besides all these, Rome has a superior academic environment. As in many cities of Italy, there are successful universities here too. Most of the universities in the country are included in the rankings of the best universities in the world.

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  • The Sapienza University of Rome is one of them. Students studying nursing at the university do not doubt the quality of the education they receive.
  • The wide opportunities provided by the university provide great advantages for students to develop themselves.
  • When studying nursing at the Sapienza University of Rome, thanks to the clinic and laboratory facilities of the university, students can have the chance to gain experience before starting the profession by improving their practical skills.
  • Also, Sapienza University of Rome is one of the oldest universities in the world and is quite a large school. In this respect, it is home to different students from many countries. In this way, students can meet people from very different cultures and can be intertwined with different languages and cultures.

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Studying Nursing in Italy – Tuition Expenses

Another important issue for all students who want to study nursing abroad is university fees. Nursing tuition fees in Italy, like other Italian university fees, range from 150-3500 euros. However, Italy stands out when it comes to nursing education abroad, since the education expenses are calculated according to the family income of the student.

If an income level below the standard income type is determined, the student pays the minimum fee. For detailed information on the subject, you can get information from our article “University Fees and Scholarships in Italy”. In addition to the university, each region in Italy has its own scholarship system. Accordingly, if the income level of the student and his/her family is below 10.000 € (usually), a 2000-5200 € scholarship can be granted. You can also check out ” Scholarship Opportunities in Italy “.

Studying Nursing in Italy – Accommodation Facilities

Accommodation and dormitory facilities for students in Italy are available at most universities. Although the location can vary, there are private dormitories and apartments as well as state and university dormitories for students. As accommodation fees vary from region to region, we recommend that you take a look at our university introduction pages. Although your expenses may be higher in cities such as Rome and Milan compared to other cities, you have accommodation options in Italy for every budget.

If you cannot find a place to stay, options such as private dormitories, houses, flats, studio flats, hostels and hotels are offered thanks to the agencies agreed with the universities. Moreover, international students are given priority in the university dormitory, but the most important issue in this process is to complete the registration and application procedures on time and completely. For this reason, using the Pava Education consultancy services will determine the best route for you to become a nurse.

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As you can see, studying nursing abroad will not only make you a student who has completed your education abroad but also a world citizen. Thanks to the advantages of being educated in Italy, many students who want to study nursing in English in Italy apply to Sapienza University of Rome for undergraduate and Bologna University for graduate courses.

If you would like to study nursing in Italy, you can benefit from the professional consultancy services of Pava Education. We will be with you from the application to the registration stage and will be your biggest helper throughout the entire process. All you have to do is fill out our application form. Our expert consultants will contact you as soon as possible.