Study master’s in International Relations in Italy is a branch of science that examines states, states’ relations with each other, regional and international organisations, and the relationship between these organisations. International relations is one of the most preferred education programs in the world. Thousands of students graduate from this program every year in our country. However, the increasing number of graduates and the search for different competencies in the business world encourage students to study international relations abroad. This article will examine studying master’s in international relations in all dimensions in Italy.

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Why Study a Master’s in International Relations in Italy?

Italy hosts an increasing number of international students every year. There are many reasons for this. First of all, Italy is home to Europe’s most established universities. It is also a complete study country for international students with low tuition fees and a wide range of scholarships.

International Relations Programs in Italy

There are various options for studying a master’s in International Relations in Italy in English. Many international relations programs focus on different fields within many universities.

International Relations Education in Italy

Universities Providing Master’s in International Relations in Italy

The universities that provide master’s education in Italy’s international relations are shown among the best universities in Italy.

6 Italian universities providing education in this field are among the top 200 universities globally, and 16 Italian universities are among the top 500 universities.

Scholarship Opportunities for International Relations in Italy

It is possible to study international relations on a scholarship in Italy. You can finance a significant part of your living expenses by receiving scholarships ranging from 2,000-5,200 Euros per year. However, we advise our students not to make their education expenses in Italy solely based on these scholarships. Scholarships awarded are not enough to cover all living expenses. Success in particular courses is required from you to receive the scholarship or continue the scholarship.

Most of our students, whom we process, benefit from scholarship opportunities.

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Tuition Fees for Master’s in International Relations in Italy

The annual tuition fees of universities that provide study master’s in International Relations in Italy vary between 500-3,000 Euros. It is also possible to get discounts on tuition fees.

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Admission Requirements for Master’s in International Relations in Italy

The most basic of the admission requirements for the international relations programs in Italy is the language document at the B2 level. Since a master’s education is an education that will enable you to specialize in a specific area after undergraduate education, it is important to have an adequate level of English in order to continue your education.

Besides, you must have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. Italian universities evaluate your qualifications for the education you have and for a master’s degree in this field. Diplomas you will get in fields such as international relations or political science at your undergraduate are the elements that will strengthen your hand on admission to the international relations programs in Italy.

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How to Study Master’s in International Relations in Italy?

Master’s education in international relations in Italy is a long-term process. After you decide on the university you want to study at; you need to learn the conditions this university requires from you. In order to study for a master’s in International Relations in Italy, you are required to have B2-level English knowledge and documents proving this. Then comes the application process and the admission process. There is also the consular phase after your acceptance. This process lasts from December, when applications begin, to September. After you start your education in Italy in September, the procedures you need to do in Italy come.

Getting support from a team with education and life experience in this field in Italy will relieve you considerably in this process. It will show you how wide your options are. It is also important to get support from institutions experienced in this field to benefit from the opportunities that Italy offers for international students.

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