General Information About the University of Cattolica

Known as the most important privately owned Catholic university in Europe, the University of Cattolica was opened on December 7, 1921; although it has a newer founding date compared to other universities, it has reached the capacity to provide education to more than 40 thousand students today. Università Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore has settled in a highly respected position in Italy with the famous politicians, lawyers, academics, entrepreneurs, journalists and writers it has trained in its nearly 100-year history.

Adopting the philosophy that everyone should bring out their potential, ‘Catholic University of the Sacred Heart’ is an educational institution where freedom of thought is widely practised. Having a service and subsidy support system for its students and their families, the university makes awareness-raising contributions to enable each student to develop and achieve their full potential.

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The University of Cattolica is more than just teaching a view of life to its students. It is an educational institution that aims to provide this with a solid educational curriculum and has a strong connection with famous companies from the business world.

Having 12 faculties, 48 vocational diploma and specialization education programs, 20 doctoral programs, 35 institutes, 87 research centers and 4 university centers, the university has become a preferred educational institution as it prepares students for both their personal and business lives.

The current number of students at the University of Cattolica is 43,302 and 10,000 graduates are produced each year.

Cattolica University, an institution that supports the research of students, has allocated over 29 million euros for research to be carried out last year. 89% of this was financed by external organizations and 11% by the University. When it comes to research products, the University of Cattolica can boast of 10 university companies and 35 registered patents.

University of Cattolica’s Place in the World Rankings

Cattolica University graduates can easily find employment in various countries around the world. The university has placed well in important rankings across various fields.

  • According to CWUR 2020-2021 data, the University of Cattolica is 436th best in the world.
  • According to the QS World University Ranking 2021 data, it is ranked 511-520.
  • According to THE World University Rankings 2020, it is ranked 501-600 globally.
  • The university hosted more than 400 events on campus in 2018, including workshops with students and employers, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and career fairs.
  • With more than 4,000 contracts with employers, including organizations, foundations, associations and companies, the University of Cattolica is ranked #1 in Italy for employer-student connections.
  • According to the 2019 Graduate Employment Ranking (a survey that analyzes the world’s top 500 universities for employability), the University of Cattolica was ranked 1st in Italy and 58th in the world for the active presence of companies on its campuses among 758 universities surveyed. Moreover, the University of Cattolica is the fourth best university in terms of the number of students interviewed by employers.
  • In addition, Università Cattolica belongs to the top 300 universities in 13 special disciplines among 48 fields analyzed by subject in the 2019 QS World University Rankings: Theology, Theology and Religious Studies (51-100), Medicine, Modern Languages and Law (101) – 150), Agriculture and Forestry, Communication and Media Studies, Economics and Econometrics, Psychology and Accounting and Finance (151-200), Business and Management Studies, Sociology (201-250), Education and Linguistics (251-300).

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Where is University of Cattolica?

The main campus of the university is located on a campus in Milan. The University of Cattolica also has campuses in Rome , Brescia and Piacenza.

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University of Cattolica Student Life

Cattolica University offers the opportunity to meet students at various points in Italy due to its campus in four different cities; it has become an international educational institution with a total number of more than 40 thousand students. Students studying at the Milan campus of the school can watch the city at the Duomo Cathedral, take photos at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, and have the opportunity to watch an opera event at Teatro Alla Scala.

Those who study on campuses in Rome and other cities are at least as lucky as those in Milan. All students explore the historic streets of Italy and visit museums and the colosseum. Groups of students who spend the whole day in a rush can discover the flavors of Italian cuisine and drink coffee or wine in the famous squares of these four cities of Italy, if they wish.

Cattolica University Departments

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English Undergraduate Programs

  • Medicine (6 years)
  • Banking and finance
  • Economy
  • International Management

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English Master’s Programs

At various campuses of the University of Cattolica, postgraduate education in English is given and the duration of this education is two years.

  • Banking and Finance
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Methods and Topics in Art Management
  • Actual Sciences for Insurance
  • Innovation and Technology Management
  • The Art and Industry of Narration
  • Global Business Management
  • Food Processing
  • Agricultural and Food Economics
  • Healthcare Management

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University of Cattolica Tuition Fees

The fees for undergraduate programs at the University of Cattolica are 8,000 euros per year. The fees for master’s programs vary between 7,500 and 12,000 euros, depending on the department of study.

3,364 students were eligible for exemption from payment of registration fees, and 4,044 for types of financial support. More than 1,388 students with disabilities were provided with different special services. Approximately 27.2 million Euros has been allocated by the University and EDUCatt to finance exemptions from paying university tuition fees and other forms of financial support.

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Cattolica University Dormitory and Accommodation Facilities

Cattolica University can be considered as a student-friendly university when evaluated in terms of dormitory and accommodation facilities. The university, which has 9 colleges and 17 different housing types close to the campuses in Milan, Brescia, Piacenza and Rome, has 26 facilities and a total of 1,500 rooms in these facilities.

For students who do not want to stay in dormitory rooms, there are numerous accommodation opportunities in these four cities. Students, if they wish, can rent a room by agreeing with another person or move to a house of their own. The average annual cost of accommodation in Milan is between 2,700 € and 3,900 €.

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