Candidates considering academic and vocational education abroad are looking for education consultancy in Italy for a smoother experience. Candidates who are considering education in Italy  have a lot of questions on their minds. The solution to your problems is Pava Education and consulting companies alike. They are experienced companies that have sent students to Italy many times before, know how to solve the problems that you have encountered or may encounter and provide training and education consultancy services in Italy.

In Italy, excluding medicine (6 years), undergraduate education lasts for 3 years and postgraduate education usually lasts for 2 years. Some universities offer 1-year graduate education without a thesis. Although the departments in Italy provide education in Italian, English based courses have increased noticeably in the last 10 years and they are expanding in different faculties every year.

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Why Italian Universities? | Education Consultancy in Italy

Trieste University Consulting Services In Italy

Italian universities have always been lenient towards their students when it comes to entry requirements. When you look at the admission requirements of many departments and universities, you can see that they do not require many specific details. As an example, it is sufficient for students who will receive undergraduate education to have completed 12 years of education and to pass the minimum score in the university entrance exams. When we look at the graduate conditions, students are asked to graduate from the required undergraduate field of the department they wish to attend. In addition, some universities (although not all of them), may require language proficiency certificates such as IELTS and TOEFL. In addition, some universities may also want a good average.

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University Fees & Tuition Expenses in Italy | Consulting Services In Italy

Public university fees in Italy are very affordable compared to European standards. The most advantageous aspect of the tuition fees, which is in average between 156 € and 3500 € per year, is that when students take an income evaluation, they can pay the lowest fee of 156 € if there is a low personal and family income for living in Italy. Thanks to this small amount, students can more comfortably allocate sufficient funds for their living expenses.

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Scholarship Opportunities in Italy

Scholarship options in Italy are so easy to get that if you are successful in your studies or your income is low, scholarships are almost certainly provided to students. Where you can apply for scholarships in Italy depends on your city of residence. Still, the rules are pretty much the same. Scholarship opportunities in Italy may be awarded by the regional government, the national government, the university and various institutions. Depending on your income level, you may have one of the many opportunities offered by these institutions. Some of these opportunities are:

  • Free access to university canteens
  • Non-refundable, unrequited loan between 2000 € and 5200 €
  • Paying university tuition fees at the lowest level
  • Accommodation in dormitories or student houses offered by the university or government
  • Covering your rent, bill or travel expenses

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Dormitory and Accommodation Opportunities in Italy

Dormitory and accommodation facilities at Italian universities are available in most institutions. Dormitory and rental flat prices in Italy vary in each city. Universities, especially for students coming from abroad and from outside the city, allocate a certain number of places to stay for students. In addition, agencies that most Italian universities cooperate with can offer private dormitory, flat, house, studio flat, residence, apart, hotel and etc. to students at different price ranges.

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Transfer to Italian Universities | Education Consultancy in Italy

While there are students who want to apply directly to Italian universities, there are also students who want to transfer. Although horizontal transitions are possible, it is not as easy as it seems to be. In order to make the transition, a quota must be opened to the department, but not every department and not every university can open a quota. In addition, even if there is a transfer, the courses you took at the previous university must gain equivalence at the target university. For detailed information on the subject, you can contact us by filling out our application form.

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What are the Stages to Study in Italy?

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When students express an interest to study in Italy, the departments and universities that students wishes attend are presented according to his/her field of interest. Then, a study plan is drawn according to the university and department to be attended. Italian universities usually require a B2 level of language proficiency. The student must meet the language requirements. If an entrance examination is required, a study program is also prepared accordingly.

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If you want to learn Italian or if you are required to learn it according to your department, you can take an Italian language course or go to a language school in Italy.

Foundation Preparation

Students who aim to study in Italy or abroad in the future may choose to study a preparatory course in Italy to improve their foreign language skills. Students can generally study in the target foreign language (English or Italian) for as long as the regular education period. This education, which is provided in state universities, usually lasts from September to June, but different universities have various course hours, intensive language and cultural training.

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Certificate Programs – Education Consultancy in Italy

Apart from this, medicine, fashion, design, art, music, history, gastronomy, psychology, economy, business etc. you can choose institutions that offer “certificate programs in Italy” from 2 weeks to 2 years in almost every field and you can only have certificates and diplomas on subjects related to your profession and field of interest. It’s easy to make more conscious and correct decisions when you choose your profession, university, institution, academy, institute and department, together with your education consultant in Italy.

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Studying Medicine or Dentistry

Medical education in Italy lasts for 6 years. There is a compulsory IMAT Exam for students who want to study medicine, surgery or dentistry at state universities in Italy . The IMAT is an exam run jointly by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing. Students who want to study medicine in Italy will take this exam and their knowledge such as logical reasoning, general culture and scientific knowledge (biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics) is questioned.

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Studying Architecture – Education Consultancy in Italy

Students who want to study architecture in Italy can study at public and private universities, which are among the best in the world. Italy is one of the best countries to choose in Europe in terms of architecture education. Having 55 assets on the UNESCO World Heritage List and hosting the Roman Empire including the Vatican, it contains masterpieces of architecture. Architecture undergraduate education in Italy is 3 years long.

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Studying Engineering

Politecnico di Torino , La Sapienza University of Rome and Tor Vergata University of Rome  are among the best universities to study engineering in Italy and in fact among the best universities in the world. Engineering education, where you can also study in English, is 3 years long in Italy.

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Studying Psychology – Consulting Services In Italy

Although each university in the field of psychology in Italy has different requirements, it is generally required to get a valid score from the SAT exam for undergraduate education. In addition, certificates such as TOEFL and IELTS are not required by all universities, but some universities do, hence it’s recommended to take the exams that are necessary. Those who prefer postgraduate psychology education should also have a B2 level language certificate. Some universities also require your undergraduate program average score to be high.

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Studying Nursing

Consulting Services In Italy - Studying nursing

Our students who want to study nursing in Italy as an educational counselling company have been increasing in recent years. The increasing need for nurses globally is also felt in Italy. One of the most important reasons of this is nursing salaries in Italy which is among the top 10 countries that pay the highest amount to nurses in the world. Students who want to study in English and in Italian with a wide range of university options prefer Italy thanks to its many advantages when they want to study nursing abroad.

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Studying Fashion and Design – Education Consultancy in Italy

Known as the capital of fashion and design, Milan is globally the favorite destination for students who are willing to study fashion design. Italy hosts the best universities, art academies, fashion and design schools in the world; it also shapes the world’s fashion thanks to the various events such as fashion shows, galleries, museums, exhibitions and fairs held every year. The employment rates of up to 90 per cent of the high-quality and renowned training academies deserve praise.

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Studying Economics

Italy draws attention with the fact that there is a large portfolio of English taught universities in the Department of Economics; Bocconi University is ranked in 4th place in Europe and 16th in the world in the QS Economics Field World University Rankings of 2020. Since the universities in Italy are in respected positions in the world rankings, students planning to study economics prefer Italian universities with our education consultancy service in Italy .

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Why Pava Education?

Pava Education is an overseas education consultancy firm based in Italy, successfully assisting prospective students seeking education consultancy services for education in Italy with its progressive and professional attitude. The institution, which works closely with the candidate students from the moment he/she decides to apply all the way up to the point he/she settles in Italy.

We request necessary documents from the students during the procedures and then carry out the operations. Thanks to our team possessing extensive experience in the one-to-one process, we ensure that the candidate students have minimal contact with the bureaucratic issues during the exam preparation process and manages the complex application procedures. With our headquarters in Italy, Pava Education can easily access the most up-to-date information; we have adopted the principle of providing good education to everyone.

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