Art education is highly valued in Italy, in a country and society intertwined with art. With its culture and history that it has preserved for centuries, Italy has played a leading role or helped in the formation of several branches of art. The Italians, especially during the Roman Empire and the Renaissance period, made numerous innovations that can be taken as examples in the fields of art, culture and philosophy. Italy, which has preserved many of its structures until recent times, also has 50 cultural heritages in UNESCO.

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The best art schools in Italy offer students a high quality education where they can develop their creativity with the facilities best suited to their education. Students can have the chance to both improve themselves and achieve a successful career with the education they will receive. They can gain sufficient experience before graduating with the projects and internship opportunities they can participate in. In light of all these points, art academies in Italy are among the best options for students who want to improve themselves in this field.

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Best Art Schools in Italy | Art Education in Italy

Art schools in Italy offer you opportunities to develop your creativity as well as theoretical education while receiving correct and effective theoretical information in the field of art and art history with the correct guidance of expert trainers. In practice, you have the chance to improve yourself and reveal your potential to be a real artist. You can participate in the art events held in Italy regularly and reinforce the knowledge you have learned. You can witness the works of artists closely and have the chance to meet other artists with the fairs, exhibitions and training workshops organized here. You can also get the opportunity to participate in different projects thanks to these events.

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Here we list some of the best art academies in the country:

Marangoni Art Academy

Istituto Marangoni

Marangoni Art Academy, founded in 1935 by Giulio Marangoni, who is famous for his works of art, is one of the most important art academies in Italy. The educational institution is headquartered in Milan. Marangoni Art Academy is a prestigious art school that has made a name for its high quality of education all over the world. The school, from which many important fashion designers and artists graduated, offers quality education to students with highly famous and respected instructors. The art academy, where students can receive education in the fields of art, fashion and design, offers 3-year undergraduate education as well as 1-year accelerated certificate and master’s degree programs. Students who wish can also enroll in 3-week summer schools. It is possible to receive education in English, Italian and French languages at the art academy, which hosts students from many countries around the world.

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NABA Art Academy

NABA Sanat Akademisi

Founded in 1980, the NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) Academy of Art is the largest private academy among the art academies in Italy. The school has campuses in Rome and Milan, two of the largest and most beautiful cities of Italy. Educating over 4000 students from 70 different countries, the art academy is growing day by day with new campuses and new students. Thanks to its strong relationships with institutions and individuals, NABA offers its students a good career opportunity even before graduation through popular organizations and internship opportunities. In addition, students can also have the chance to develop their creativity by putting the theoretical education they will receive in classes into practice through the organizations they participate in. After graduating from this school, they will be able to find a job easily with their diplomas that are valid almost everywhere in the world. Of course, the size, reputation and prestige of the school will have a great impact on this.

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Leonardo Da Vinci Art Academy

Leonardo Da Vinci Sanat Akademisi

Leonardo Da Vinci Academy of Art is one of the educational institutions that first comes to mind when it comes to art education in Italy. The campus of the school is located in Florence. The art academy, which continues providing education with the motive of creating an artistic community, provides an interactive space where students can communicate with each other and helps to create a more creative environment through mutual exchange of ideas. Leonardo Da Vinci Art Academy welcomes students from all over the world, offers its students a high quality education with many different arts and art techniques. In addition, students can better adapt to the learning process with the exhibitions constantly held at the academy. The school, which offers courses in areas such as drawing, fashion design, sculpture, ceramics, ceramics, mosaic, art history and photography, is one of the best schools offering the most diverse education program among the art academies in Italy. Students can enroll in one of the basic, semi-intensive and intensive courses and receive the education they wish.

IED | Art Education in Italy

If you want to study design in Italy, one of the schools you can choose is IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) – “European Design Institute” in English – is one of the best-known art academies in Italy. The school has campuses in 6 cities, namely Milan, Florence, Rome, Venice, Turin and Cagliari; it offers courses such as design, fashion, visual communication and management.

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Polymoda | Art Education in Italy

Polimoda is one of the internationally renowned Italian fashion schools. This art academy, headquartered in Florence, has many departments and courses where students can receive a high quality education. Polimoda is one of the important options you can keep in mind if you want to study art in Florence.

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Accademia Italiana | Art Education in Italy

Accademia Italiana is one of the best interior design schools among art academies in Italy; It teaches in departments such as fashion design, graphic design, interior design and product design, jewelry design, photography and new media. It has campuses in Florence and Rome.

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