International relations are interdisciplinary. The program combines economics, history, and political science by blending many topics such as human rights, global poverty, environment, economy, globalisation, security, global ethics, and political environment. Studying international relations in Italy means getting a quality education in a country that has played an important role in European history.

The universities that provide education in this field in Italy are shown among the world’s best universities. The professors who teach in these schools are experts in their fields and take active roles in many national and international organizations. Besides, international students from outside Italy mostly prefer Italian universities to study in this field. In this way, your education life will gain you an international communication network.

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International Relations Education in Italy

Why Study International Relations in Italy?

Italy is one of the four founding members of the European Union and one of the world’s largest economies.

Italy, which has always been a leading country in many areas in European history, offers a well-established education in universities whose establishment dates back to a thousand years. These universities have brought many political geniuses like Machiavelli to the world.

During your education in Italy, you can learn Italian as well as English at the academic level and improve it. This way, you can become a competent employee who can be employed in this advanced commercial network.

When you graduate from Italy, you will have a “blue diploma.” In this way, you will have the opportunity to work and live all over Europe.

Italian universities have low tuition fees. In addition, they also offer extensive scholarship opportunities.

An important aspect of international relations education is related to knowledge of the language. Studying in a country whose native language is not English will allow you to learn two languages well.

Universities Providing International Relations Education in Italy

Italian universities providing education in this field are shown to be among the best universities in the world. You can study international relations in Italy at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels entirely in English. If you want to study in Italian, your university choice will naturally be wider.

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How to Study International Relations in Italy?

In Italy, there are certain conditions for getting international relations education. We can divide these conditions into two as the conditions required for undergraduate and master’s education.

International Relations Programs in Italy

Education in international relations programs in Italy is given in English and Italian. Many universities have international relations programs at undergraduate and master’s levels. We recommend English programs as the language of instruction for this program.

In addition to the education you will receive at the academic level in English, you will also have the chance to learn Italian in daily life. 

Undergraduate Education in International Relations

You can study international relations in Italy undergraduate education entirely in English and without an exam. For this, universities generally request a B2-level English language certificate. Some universities can also admit students with the SAT test or Skype interview.

Master Education in International Relations

For a master’s education in this field in Italy, universities require a language certificate that is valid in the world and a bachelor’s degree in this field.

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