Psychology education is a branch of science that studies the human mind and human attitude. It will help you learn the basics such as brain and behaviour, developmental psychology, social psychology and communication, clinical psychology, sports and health psychology. Studying psychology in Italy, which is one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to university education abroad, has been getting an increasing reputation recently. Psychologists who usually counsel help people find the right path to help investigate, detect and resolve behavioural disorders. Although giving motivation is an important part of the job, its main area of ​​interest is the subconscious, in other words, the science of today.

İtalya'da Psikoloji Eğitimi

Psychology education in Italy is given in undergraduate, graduate and doctoral fields, as well as in Italian and English. The first thing that comes to mind when talking about the Undergraduate Psychology Department in Italy is the University of Padova.

Universities Offering Psychology Education in Italy

When studying psychology in Italy, it is possible in Italian as well as in English. If you do not trust your Italian, our Italian course will suffice as a start. If you have an idea to do a master’s degree in English Psychology in Italy and continue your life in Italy, you need to make an agreement with the Italians for the program you are studying.

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These are the universities that offer psychology education in Italian and English in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral fields:

Studying Psychology in Italian

Studying Psychology in English

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Undergraduate Education in Psychology at the University of Padova

University of Padova, Department of Psychology, undergraduate program for 3 years. Its long tradition in experimental psychology has been shaped through contacts with experts in the cognitive sciences, neuroscience, information engineering, physiology and biology. The main research areas of the department are clinical and health psychology, cognitive, behavioral and emotional neurosciences (including neuropsychology and psychophysiology), experimental and cognitive psychology, comparative and evolutionary psychology, ergonomics, human factors, psychophysics, and quantitative and mathematical psychology

Padova Üniveresitesi Lisans Psikoloji Bölümü

It is an international course, entirely in English, that provides students with fundamental knowledge of key areas of psychology, including general, social, dynamic and scientific research methods. Being an international environment, the University of Padova brings students who want to study psychology in Italy together with the international job market thanks to its strategic partnerships. Students will be able to operate in the fields of psychometric, psychosocial, and developmental evaluation, in educational institutions, companies, third sector organizations and human resources management, in professional studies in public and private structures.

This degree program is designed to give you a strong foundation in psychology. It includes both compulsory and optional courses and aims to lay the scientific foundation for your future studies in psychology and prepare you for work in a variety of sectors. Theoretical learning will be integrated with practical work and experimental activities, so you will enjoy attending classes and working in study groups. Seminars and workshops will also be part of your training. The aim of the University of Padova is to encourage its students to take a critical approach to their studies and gain an international perspective.

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Academic Program and Courses

Each academic year consists of two terms. The knowledge and topics you will learn in these academic years are as follows:

  • The first year of the program will include: Basic concepts of psychology, brain and behavior, developmental psychology, social psychology and communication, dynamic psychology.
  • The second year will include: Statistical methods in psychology, business and organizational psychology, clinical psychology, animal psychology and neuropsychology.
  • The third year will include: genes and behavior, cognition and sensory perception, spatial cognition, language psychology, health psychology.

Each year, students must attend electives to achieve the required amount of credits.

Career opportunities

Graduates of psychology can find professional employment in public or private institutions, education, third sector businesses and organizations.

Under the supervision of a professional psychologist, they may work in health promotion services that concern the individual, groups, organizations and communities. All these sectors are concerned with psychometric assessment, psychosocial assistance and human resource development throughout life.

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İtalya'da Psikoloji Okumak Kariyer İmkânları

Language requirements

This program does not require students to have an English language certificate, only a fluent level of English is required, courses, exams, textbooks, etc. is entirely in English.

Scholarships and fees

The University of Padova offers different types of scholarships to international students.

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The University of Padova, Department of Psychology:

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Studying Psychology in Italy – Advantages

  • In Italy, the duration of undergraduate education is 3 years, the duration of graduate education is 2 years. For this reason, you can finish your education life in a short time and take faster steps towards becoming a psychologist or working.
  • After finishing your university studies in Italy, you get a “blue diploma”. Thanks to this diploma, you can be recognized by YÖK in our country, as well as you can find the opportunity to work anywhere in Europe.
  • studying psychology in italyCompared to other European countries, it is quite economical and of good quality.
  • Studying psychology in ItalyYou will learn both Italian and English, and you will have an international cultural and social environment with students from many different countries.
  • Your living costs in Italy will be affordable as your tuition costs are calculated according to your family income.

Studying Psychology in Italy – Application Requirements

Studying psychology in Italy: The application requirements that applicants should pay attention to differ for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs:

Psychology Education Undergraduate Entry Requirements

  • Having completed 12 years of education
  • Passing the thresholds in university exams
  • Adequate SAT scores (Candidates residing outside of Italy and non-EU can show their achievements in lieu of the SAT, such as awards, language certificates, etc. A Skype interview may also be held to measure your language level. However, priority will be given to candidates with SAT scores.)
  • As a foreign language certificate, a valid score from exams such as TOEFL or IELTS is required, but some universities do not require a language certificate.

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Psychology Education Master’s Entry Requirements

  • You must have graduated from the relevant undergraduate department.
  • As a foreign language certificate, a valid score from exams such as TOEFL or IELTS is required. It will be sufficient to have a B2 certificate in Italian or English.
  • Although the conditions vary according to each university, universities may want a good average for graduate education.

Psychology Education Doctorate Entry Requirements

Applicants holding at least one of the following academic qualifications, regardless of age and citizenship, are eligible to apply for entry:

  • Have one of the specialization or master’s degrees Laurea specialistica or Laurea magistrale (second cycle master’s degrees)
  • Laurea Vecchio Ordinamento (degree achieved according to previous Italian regulations)
  • Degree awarded by AFAM (Advanced Artistic and Music Education) institutions.
  • Master’s degrees taken abroad that are considered equivalent to the above items

Studying Psychology in Italy – Tuition Expenses

İtalya'da üniversite ücretleri ve yaşam maliyetleri

When studying psychology in Italy, another component that every individual who wants to know is the university fees. University fees in Italy vary between €156-3500 and family income is calculated for each student. According to this situation, a scholarship opportunity may arise according to your family income. Due to the high exchange rate, students generally benefit from a discount in their tuition fees, and you can also win an annual scholarship of 2000-5200 €. In addition to these, extra discounts and scholarships are given according to the ability to win a food scholarship and/or student success.

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Studying Psychology in Italy – Accommodation Facilities

Accommodation and dormitory opportunities for students in Italy: most of them are in universities. There are single and double studio apartments as well as spacious apartments for students. You have accommodation options to suit almost every budget. If you cannot find a place to stay, some companies that universities have agreed upon will offer you both dormitory and private house, flat, room, dormitory, hostel and hotel options. Moreover, priority is given to international students for dormitories, but the most important issue in this process is to complete the registration and application procedures on time and completely. For more information, you can take a look at our article “Accommodation in Italy”.

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