In this article, we share the answer to “How to study at a university in Italy?” and what kind of procedures you should follow. Italy is a country that opens its universities to international students and provides education to thousands of students from different countries. Thousands of students from all over the world choose Italian universities to study. Most Italian universities are public universities and offer education with low tuition fees. University education in Italy is mainly provided in Italian. However, some Italian universities offer English education.

University Education and How to Study at University in Italy

How to apply to universities in Italy

In recent years, Italy has been hosting many students from all over the world for university education. Due to its well-established universities and low tuition fees, the country is found desirable worldwide.

Italy is the third country in Europe with the highest number of universities in the world’s top 500.

It is possible to study in Italy easily with the fees to be paid to an average private university in many countries. Students with foreign education and vision are one step ahead in their post-education career, with both their language proficiency and the ability to stand firmly on their own feet as a result of living in a foreign country.

In Italy, it is possible to study education entirely in English or Italian.

Universities in Italy are among the best in Europe, and the business world closely follows the developments here.

Tuition Fees in Italy

The most curious part of the question “How to study university in Italy? is the tuition fees. In Italy’s public universities, only the annual tuition fee is charged to the student, as happens in many countries. Annual tuition fees at public universities range from 900 to 2300 Euros. Tuition fees at private universities in Italy range from 5,000-30,000 Euros.

Most international students studying in Italy come from America, China, Iran, Poland, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.

Programs Providing Education in English in Italy

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Today, university education in Italy is completely possible without knowing Italian.

Over 200 programs are providing English education in many different fields. The student can study either English-Italian mixed or hundred per cent English. In any case, the student can improve his Italian by practising in daily life and taking Italian language education in addition to the program he or she studies.

Some universities we recommend for education in Italy;

  • The University of Milan
  • The University of Milan-Bicocca
  • The University of Bologna
  • The University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”
  • Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
  • The University of Siena
  • The University of Genova
  • The University of Camerino
  • The Polytechnic University of Turin
  • The Polytechnic University of Milan
  • The Bocconi University
  • The University of Rome La Sapienza
  • The University of Florence
  • The University of Bergamo
  • The University of Pavia 
  • The University of Messina 
  • Marche Polytechnic University
  • The University of Parma
  • La Sapienza University of Rome
  • Tor Vergata University of Rome

The Language Requirements in Italy

You need to get a B2 level score from internationally recognized English exams such as IELTS (min.5.5) and TOEFL (min.78). If you intend to study in Italian, you must have a B2-level Italian Language Certificate.

There is no English preparatory education in Italian universities.

Academic Equivalence in Italy – How to Study University in Italy

When you graduate in Italy, you will have a “blue diploma” which is valid in all of Europe, and you can work in all of Europe.

Scholarship Opportunities for University Education in Italy

scholarship and study university in italy

There are many scholarship opportunities that students studying in Italy can apply for. These scholarships include not only tuition fees but also living expenses.

Scholarships are generally limited and are awarded to students based on merit measured after evaluating previous grades or family income.

Living Expenses in Italy – How to Study at University in Italy

Another curious part of the question “How to study at university in Italy?” is students’ living expenses. A student’s living expenses in Italy are not much different compared to living expenses in big cities in many countries. 

In Italy, a student’s monthly expenses range only from € 550-650, including accommodation and food expenses. Besides, there are various accommodation opportunities for students at universities in Italy. Students can stay in university dormitories, private dormitories, or student houses. Accommodation fees in Italy range from 300 to 400 Euros.

Work Permit in Italy – How to Study at University in Italy

In Italy, students have a work permit for up to 20 hours a week. Students are given a 1-year work permit and residence permit after graduation. Students must apply to the education departments of the embassy or consulate for a visa.

The Benefits of Studying at University in Italy

  • Many of the world’s largest universities are located in Italy.
  • It is the third country in Europe with the highest number of universities in the top 500 in the world.
  • When you study and graduate in Italy, your diploma is valid all over the world.
  • Medical education in Italy takes 6 years.
  • The Italian education system determines your tuition fees based on your family income or your country.