Studying interior architecture in Italy adds the ability to design the interior space of a house, apartment or office to create a pleasant living environment. Interior architecture has gained the status of an independent discipline that aims to improve living conditions by creating an environment that combines anthropology and ergonomics as well as aesthetic principles. Interior architecture and design combine creativity with technical elements as well as visual precision, helping to increase the functionality of interior spaces. Interior architecture is closely related to other design disciplines such as graphic design, industrial design, and architecture. Interior architecture education in Italy will be a unique experience for you with its wonderful architecture and having the world’s best schools in this field.

Interior Architecture Education

Interior architecture and design education in Italy provides students with creative abilities and excellent communication skills. Interior designers are usually people with great attention to detail and are prone to teamwork. In terms of technical skills, they are expected to gain competence in computing and design software applications in educational life. The interior designer is responsible for choosing the appropriate materials and products to be used to create and furnish living spaces. It should also have an aesthetic understanding to feel how texture, colour, lighting, and other factors combine and interact.

The country where this aesthetic understanding and professionalism come together is Italy. A wide range of options, from short-term certificate programs to undergraduate and master’s programs in the field of interior architecture in Italy, are waiting for you.

Undergraduate Education in Interior Architecture in Italy

In Italy, you can study interior architecture in English or Italian at the undergraduate level. In addition to interior architecture education in this field, programs such as furniture design, lighting and product design are also included in the education curriculum. You can study interior architecture in Italy in one of the world’s most famous cities in terms of architecture such as Milan, Rome and Florence.

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Tuition Fees for Interior Architecture Undergraduate  in Italy

Annual fees for interior architecture at the undergraduate level in Italy vary on a school basis. The annual tuition fee for NABA is 16.500 Euros, IED annual tuition is 17.000 Euros, ACCADEMI ITALIANA annual tuition fee is 8.300 Euros, and MARANGONI annual tuition varies between 19.000 and 26.000 Euros. *

* Prices given are valid for the 2019-2020 academic year.

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Master Education in Interior Architecture in Italy

One of the most preferred areas of students who want to study in Italy is interior architecture at the master’s level. The duration of these programs is 1 or 2 years. NABA, DOMUS ACADEMY, MARANGONI and IED, among the best architecture and design schools in the world, are located in Italy. The international network of these schools is well developed. It has campuses in many cities and countries that are identified with fashion and design. They also collaborate extensively with luxury fashion brands and world-renowned design workshops. Many opportunities will be waiting for you to show your skills while you study interior architecture in Italy.

As a student, you will see tremendous support in discovering and demonstrating your talents. Many famous brands and workshops collaborate with these schools and evaluate the products or projects designed by students.

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Tuition Fees for Interior Architecture Master in Italy

The annual tuition fees of interior architecture programs in Italy vary according to the school, program and the duration of the program you will study. The fee for NABA 1-year master’s programs is 17.950 Euros; for 2-year programs, the annual fee is 16.500 Euros. DOMUS ACADEMY is a school that specialises in master’s education. The school’s annual fee, which offers one-year master’s programs, is 28.600 Euros. The annual tuition fees for MARANGONI interior architecture master’s programs are around 33,000 Euros. For IED interior architecture master’s programs, the annual fee is 18.900 Euros. *

* Prices given are valid for the 2019-2020 academic year. Contact us for detailed price and program information.

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Universities Providing Interior Architecture Education in Italy

  • IED
  • NABA


Certificate Programs for Interior Architecture in Italy

Another area most demanded by students is interior architecture certificate programs in Italy. The courses, from 3-week summer courses to one-semester courses, appeal to students and professionals from beginner to advanced. Some of the interior architecture certificate programs in Italy can be listed as follows:

  • Interior and Spatial Design
  • Interior Design -Focus on Retail and Commercial Spaces-
  • Furniture Design
  • Interior Design and Decoration
  • Interior and Showroom Design
  • Contemporary Interior Design
  • Lightning Design
  • Interior and Living Design

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