General Information About Humanitas University

Founded on 20 June 2014, Humanitas University is one of the educational institutions that is highly preferred by those who want to study medicine in Italy. Although it is considered as new in terms of establishment date, students who want to receive a quality medical education in Italy prefer Humanitas University.

Humanitas University, where approximately 800 people are educated, is described as relatively less crowded than other Italian universities. Students/doctor candidates studying in this school can participate in the education program called Virgilio and carry out studies that enable them to put forward their own hypotheses and have the opportunity to test them in the laboratory environment.

The University of Humanitas has unique teaching methods whereby various diseases are given to patients in a virtual environment and students are expected to find solutions to these diseases. Thanks to learning methods such as this, physician candidates have the opportunity to see their mistakes and not repeat them while they are still in their education life, away from instant stress.

Humanitas University’s Place in the World Rankings

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Although Humanitas University is considered a fairly new university in terms of its establishment date, it has an important place in the world rankings with its studies and the quality of education it provides. According to the 2020-21 data of the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR), Humanitas University is ranked 1839 in the world.

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Where is Humanitas University?

Humanitas University, in the Rozzano district of Milan,  is located within the Humanitas Research Hospital in the city’s central point.

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Humanitas University Student Life

Humanitas University stands out as an attractive university for students. Being in Milan, which is known for being a multicultural city, students live a lot and have the opportunity to communicate effectively with each other.

Students studying in this city have the opportunity to visit many parts of Italy by taking advantage of the rich transportation network of Milan. Students who tour Italy by making use of vehicles such as buses and trams can also reach many points in Europe at affordable prices, thanks to low-budget airlines, if they wish.

Milan, which is also a full shopping city with an abundance of shopping centres and the presence of Milan Fashion Week, promises pleasant moments to students who are interested in the fashion industry. However, it is not right to think only of shopping when Milan is mentioned. In this city, places such as the Duomo, Palazzo Reale and many more works of art and museums such as Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” are waiting to be discovered by students.

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Humanitas University Departments

Humanitas University is one of the important educational institutions where medical education is given. Humanitas University, which is one of the important educational institutions preferred by students who want to study medicine in Italy, offers undergraduate and graduate education in other health-related departments besides the medical department.

Humanitas boasts the largest independent international medical school in Italy, built within a centre Humanitas Research Hospital, recognized throughout Europe for its excellent standard of health and advanced research.

It has the latest generation simulation centre of approximately 1,000 square meters, student accommodation units, laboratories with advanced technology, and sports facilities.

Students are diligently assisted throughout the entire application process, from the initial application to the VISA procedure and their placement in Italy, by a multilingual student office.

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English Undergraduate Programs

The medical degree, which maintains validity in all areas of the world, is given under quality conditions at Humanitas University. Physician candidates working at the Humanitas Research Hospital, which belongs to the school, have the chance to interact with patients one-on-one and meet with various cases and gain experience throughout their education life.

Studying Medicine at Humanitas University

Humanitas Medicine and Surgery department is a 6-year program taught in English only. From the first year, theoretical interdisciplinary modules are combined with hands-on experience and simulation activities, while internships begin in the third year.

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Humanitas University has 70 Nobel Prize-winning professors and more than 150 clinical faculty members. Humanitas University has an excellent team, including doctors who follow their students closely during their clinical training at the hospital.

Furthermore, this undergraduate program of Humanitas University allows its students to work as doctors in the EU and abroad. Humanitas University offers specific preparation courses to help students take the USMLE exam and become medical doctors in the USA.

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Scholarship Exam

First of all, you must pass the admission test in order to be accepted into the undergraduate program. Acceptance tests are usually conducted twice a year around the world (including the USA, UK, Canada, Israel). It is held in March/April for non-European students and in September for European students.

Merit-based scholarships are awarded annually. A large quota is reserved for non-European students.

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Humanitas University also offers a disciplined, intensive preparation course to help students qualify for the admissions test and degree program.

Located in a green area just a few steps from the hospital, the new Humanitas University Campus covers a total area of 20,000 square meters, welcoming 1200 students from 31 countries around the world.

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English Master’s Degrees

  • Nursing
  • Clinical Epidemiology
  • Vitreoretinal Surgery

Admission Requirements to the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine at Humanitas University provides a 6-year education. To receive this training, students must meet the basic admission requirements and take the HUMAT exam administered by Humanitas. The HUMAT exam, which has 60 questions in total covering Academic Literacy/Critical Thinking and Scientific Thinking sections, was updated in 2020. The exam fee is approximately 160€.

Humanitas University Tuition Fees

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The amount of tuition fees at Humanitas University is determined by the university administration every year. For citizens of one of the European Union countries, the education fee you will pay varies between 10,000 and 16,000 Euros; this figure reaches 20,000 Euros if you are not a citizen of the European Union.

Humanitas University is generous in terms of the number of scholarships it gives; it is an educational institution with advanced opportunities. Every year, an exam is held by the university in order to find the most talented and motivated candidates and to facilitate their education life. Scholarships varying between 17.000 – 10.000 €/year are given to the top 80 students as a result of this exam.

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Humanitas University Dormitory and Accommodation Facilities

Students studying at Humanitas University can choose Mario Luzzatto Student House, which was opened in 2018, if they want to stay in a dormitory belonging to the school. There are single and double rooms in the residences with a capacity of 240 people in this student house. At the same time, there is also a library, study rooms, sports facility, terrace, cafeteria, etc. for students living in this building. There are areas where they can spend time for themselves and socialize.

Accommodation fees at Humanitas University are paid annually and vary according to the type of accommodation chosen. Accommodation costs are 7,500 Euros in a double room, and between 9,900 Euros and 12,900 Euros in a single room. If a student wishes to stay in the suite, the total amount to be paid is 15,000 euros.

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