Studying at a university in Italy means getting a quality education in Europe with very attractive opportunities. There are some steps to be taken before university education in Italy. If you want to study in Italy but have question marks in my mind, this article is for you. In this article, we will give the information about the requirements to study university in Italy.

Determination of Study Program Before University Education in Italy

Students who choose the country they want to study abroad as Italy should decide on the field in Italy before their education. Italy offers the opportunity to study fully in English in many departments. However, departments have different student admission criteria. While some departments accept without examination, there are exams for some departments, and students are accepted for some programs through methods such as a Skype interview.

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University Education in Italy

Preparation for Programs Accepting Students with Exams in Italy

There is no central university exam for university education in Italy, as in our country. Different Italian-specific exams are organised based on the program. Since the exams organised for programs that accept students by exam are specific in Italy, you can choose our one-to-one or periodic courses during the preparation for these exams.

In Italy, departments such as engineering, architecture, and medicine are the departments that accept students with an exam.

For example, the IMAT exam, which is a medical exam in Italy, is held every year in September.

In addition, there are Italian-specific exams in order to study engineering and architecture. Some of these exams are held only in Italy, and some are held both in Italy and outside of Italy.

Preparation for Programs Accepting Students without Exams in Italy

There are no entrance exam requirements to study university in Italy for some programs, mostly in social sciences.

Contact us for university education options without an admission exam in Italy.

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Requirements to Study in Italy

  • Grade point average of 70 and above
  • Language document
  • To be successful in the exams for departments that accept students with the exam *

* For some departments, exams such as SAT and ACT are requested, or students who achieve specific scores from these exams are given priority at the admission stage.

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Requirements to Study in Italian Courses in Italy

If you want to study in Italian in Italy, your options are much wider. Universities usually require a B1 / B2 level Italian language certificate. However, it is also possible to get Italian preparatory education at universities.

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Requirements for Master’s Degree in Italy

  • B2 Level Language Certificate (TOEFL – IELTS)
  • Graduate GPA as possible
  • Graduation diploma from the relevant undergraduate department

The essential requirement to study university in Italy for a master’s is that you graduated from a related program on licenses in your country.

In addition, as in undergraduate education, an English language certificate at the B2 level is required.

There is no lower limit to study in Italy except for a university regarding the average diploma graduation of universities.

However, having a high average is a factor that strengthens your hand in the evaluation process of your application.

Application Process to Italian Universities

During the application process to Italian universities, subjects such as competencies required by programs and application dates differ. Therefore, getting professional support for bureaucratic processes will ensure that the pre-training process proceeds healthier for you.

You can contact us for the professional support services we offer during the entire process, from the application process until you are ready for your education in Italy.

University Fees and Cost of Living in Italy

University Fees and Cost of Living in Italy

University fees in Italy are very affordable. University fees range from 500 to 3,000 Euros. The students we deal with pay their school fees at a minimum level.

Besides, you also have the opportunity to get a scholarship in Italy.

The annual cost of living to study in Italy is around 6,000-9,000 Euros. This amount includes tuition fees and all expenses students will incur in Italy.

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Programs to Study in Italy

There are over 300 program options in Italy that you can read entirely in English. Some of the programs that international students prefer to study in Italy are as follows:

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Why Should I Study University in Italy?

Italy has the most established universities in Europe and has low tuition fees due to its well-established social state understanding ingrained. Also, it is the 3rd European country with the highest number of universities in the top 500 in the world. Although the number varies according to various research institutions, 33 Italian universities are among the top 500 universities in the world.

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How Many Years Does University Education Last in Italy?

Undergraduate education (Laurea) lasts 3 years, and graduate education (Laurea Magistrale) lasts 2 years in Italy. Some programs such as medicine, pharmacy, law, and veterinary medicine are integrated programs called unico ciclo and last 5-6 years. In addition to these, there are 1-year master’s programs, certificate programs from 1 month to 1 year and various specialisation programs.

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In Which Programs to Study In Italy?

Almost all of the most preferred programs by students in Italy can be read entirely in English. When you want to study Italian, the option is much broader, and you have the opportunity to get a preparatory education.

Requirements to Study Medicine in Italy

There are 2 primary requirements to study university in Italy for medicine.

  • Exceeding the threshold in both sessions of the university entrance exam
  • To enter the quota determined for the preferred school in the IMAT exam according to the score order

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Requirements to Study Architecture in Italy

There are 3 conditions for architectural education in Italy.

  • Exceeding the threshold in sessions of exams
  • To enter the quotas determined for the schools in the entrance exam to architecture faculties.
  • Language certificate at B2 level

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Is It Difficult to Study in Italy?

As a team with education and life experience in Italy regarding the difficulty of education in Italy, we recommend our students first have full knowledge of the language they will study (English or Italian) or to improve them in their education process. In addition, participation in lectures and communication with professors also increase the efficiency of education in Italy.

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