What is CELTA Exam? CELTA exam, which is a qualification certificate exam for teachers who will provide the necessary training for adults to learn English, is organized for instructor candidates who have graduated from departments such as English Language and Literature or American Literature, but whose native language is not English. Accordingly, people who have little or no experience in teaching can gain this qualification based on the certificate they will receive through the CELTA program. The CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults) certificate issued by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) offers people the opportunity to teach English worldwide. In fact, English language trainers who prove their competence with this Cambridge University approved certificate can gain experience by having the chance to practice during the courses they attend.

Every year, more than 10,000 people worldwide successfully complete the CELTA course. In addition, CELTA has been recognized by the Cambridge University English Language Assessment. This once again demonstrates the quality of the certificate and the reliability of its accreditation. There is a 4-week course, usually taught in the UK, which every candidate who wishes to gain this certificate must attend. During the course, candidates are able to undertake English language teaching placements in local schools in England and thus gain full competence.

Generally speaking, there are 5 reasons for enrolling in a CELTA course and obtaining this certificate:

  • CELTA is the most frequently sought-after qualification for TEFL jobs worldwide. TEFL is a program that will enable you to teach English language anywhere in the world.
  • CELTA courses are managed by the University of Cambridge every time without exception.
  • The trainers are highly qualified and experienced trainers working in well-established CELTA teacher training centers.
  • The CELTA certificate is recognized by the British Curriculum Authority as a Level 5 Qualification. The courses therefore follow an authorized curriculum.
  • CELTA involves real-life teaching practice with real English learners in an authentic classroom setting. This process of theoretical and practical training is very enjoyable for similar reasons.

What is the Content of CELTA Course? | What is CELTA Exam?

There are 5 main learning units that candidates should master during the CELTA course. These are;

  • The context of teaching and learning in the communication process of students and teachers,
  • Language analysis and awareness,
  • Language skills in reading, listening, speaking and writing,
  • Planning for different contexts and utilization of resources
  • Development of teaching skills and professionalism.

In respect of what CELTA teaches, it can be explained in a manner that it teaches candidates language awareness, knowledge of the definition of English and how to apply it in professional practice. The course also provides detailed information about the contexts in which people learn English, their motivations and the roles of teacher and learner. Trainee teachers are introduced the principles and practices of effective teaching that can be utilized by learners of English and are given experience in this area. The basic skills developed for teaching students in the language classroom are also covered during the course. Candidates are trained to familiarize themselves with appropriate resources and materials that can be used for teaching, testing and referencing English language learners and their career plans in this field are also supported.

How does the process work in the CELTA Course? | What is CELTA Exam?

What is CELTA Exam?

CELTA is a certificate program actively offered in approximately 286 centers in 54 countries. Up to 900 courses are offered each year and there are opportunities for candidates to apply at different times of the year. In general, CELTA is offered in the following formats:

  • Full-time CELTA: This is the most popular course format among CELTA courses and is usually completed over a four-week period. This training is delivered as an intensive program that runs from 09:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.
  • Part-time CELTA: This part-time course, which is widely preferred by candidates, is scheduled for two afternoons a week and a half-day on Saturday morning and is completed in 12 weeks.
  • Online Blended CELTA: With this option, candidates can complete most of the course online. However, in order to fully complete the course, they must also visit the center where they are studying.
  • 100% Online CELTA: This option makes it possible for candidates to take the online course from anywhere in the world, provided they have a stable internet connection.

During the CELTA course, candidates are assessed according to certain criteria. Teaching practice and the timely submission of written assignments are among the first of these criteria. However, this is not all. There are other issues that CELTA trainers pay particular attention to. Candidates’ responsible and professional attitude towards learning, their ability to plan and teach their lessons, their commitment to punctuality, organization and attendance, their potential for progression and their attitude to the feedback they receive are also carefully assessed by CELTA trainers during the course.

How to Obtain CELTA Certificate? | What is CELTA Exam?

What is CELTA Exam?

The CELTA is an excellent way to start a career in English language teaching or to develop teaching skills that are already acquired. It enables candidates to take on a range of different roles as an English language teacher and even venture into new areas of interest. Offering a solid grounding in teaching methodology, CELTA also opens the way for further qualifications. Unlike many informal TEFL qualifications, the CELTA course involves observed teaching practice. This experience offers trainees the opportunity to develop their teaching skills with real groups of learners. Additionally, during the training that candidates gain the confidence they need to step into the classroom or teach online courses as soon as they complete the course.

In order to obtain the CELTA certificate, candidates are assessed throughout the course by expert trainers. There is no compulsory final exam to complete the course. Instead, it is necessary to pass two types of assessments to deserve to receive a certificate. These are:

  • Teaching Practicum: A total of 6 hours of teaching marathon is required to be completed by candidates, working with adult classes of at least two categories. Assessment is based on overall performance.
  • Written Assignments: A total of four written assignments must be completed correctly and submitted on time. Each assignment is between 750 and 1000 words. The assignments cover analyzing and responding to adult learner needs, analyzing language for teaching purposes, teaching language skills and thinking on classroom teaching.

In addition to all these assessments, trainers are discussing the progress of the candidates with them, including at least 2 one-to-one trainings. In this way, candidates can more easily identify their strengths and the areas they need to focus on. There are four possible grades for results in CELTA: ‘pass A’, ‘pass B’, ‘pass’ and ‘fail’.

At the end of the course, the candidate receives a candidate report form showing the provisional mark. This also indicates whether the course was completed face-to-face, online or a combination of face-to-face and online. After the marks have been confirmed, a certificate issued by Cambridge English is handed to the candidate. Certificates are usually sent up to eight weeks after the completion of the course. The certificate includes the name and surname, the grade received, the number of the center where the course was taken and the date. Trainees who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate that is valid all over the world and will have the opportunity to advance their careers by teaching in the country of their choice.

Will Candidates’ Chances of Finding a Job Increase with CELTA Certificate?

CELTA is the most sought after TEFL certificate by employers worldwide. According to a 2015 survey conducted by Cambridge English, 70 per cent of job advertisements specifically request the CELTA. In the UK alone, 91 per cent of employers require their teachers to have a CELTA.

Part of the CELTA course is dedicated solely to professional development and finding a job after graduation. Educational institutions often have links with job boards and other organizations looking to recruit CELTA qualified teachers. In addition, CELTA offers an online job portal for qualified teachers of English and successful teachers are eligible to register with TEFLwork. CELTA is favored by both candidates and employers, primarily because of its accredited qualifications compared to informal courses and satisfies all participants with effective training. CELTA is recognized and trusted by language academies and training institutions everywhere. It is endorsed by Cambridge and regulated by Ofqual, the government regulator of qualifications in the UK. It is therefore the gold standard teaching qualification. Teachers with this certificate also have the chance to get a head start in the sector.